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I’m more hated than Mucca, Jordan tells pals

London, May 26 (ANI): Hollywood socialite Kate Price a.k.a Jordan feels like “Public Enemy No 1” and has told pals: “I’m more hated than Mucca.”

“I’m more hated than Mucca. Everyone hates me, the whole world’s against me, now I know how Heather Mills felt,” The Daily Star quoted Jordan, as saying.

Though Peter has won everybody’s sympathy, Jordan, who is ‘deeply upset’ with public response, is sure that people will sooner or later sympathize with her plight too.

“She knows Pete’s winning the PR battle at the moment – but she is confident that things will turn around sooner rather than later,” Jordan’s pal said.

Meanwhile, Jordan has reportedly rebuffed claims of appearing on Jonathan Ross’s Friday night chat show.

“She will not be giving any kind of interviews this week,” a source said. (ANI)

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