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Hugh Jackman missed Tony Blair meeting due to illness

London, Apr 25 (ANI): Hugh Jackman once missed a rare chance to meet former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, because he was too busy throwing up behind the stage.

The ex-PM made a special trip to see a show of the 1998 London production of musical ‘Oklahoma!’ at the National Theatre, starring the ‘Australia’ star.
But the actor had been struck down with a migraine and was running off the stage to vomit through the entire performance.

The illness kept the actor confined to the bathroom even when the ex-Labour party chief came to meet the crew after the show.

“I remember having a migraine when Tony Blair came to see ‘Oklahoma!'” The Daily Express quoted Jackman as telling Britain’s FHM magazine.

“I was going into the wings and throwing up whenever I was off stage, and afterwards Tony Blair came backstage to meet the cast, and of course I was throwing up.” (ANI)

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