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Here’s your chance to win ‘The Beatles’ first contract

London, July 2 (ANI): If you are a die-hard Beatles fan, here’s a chance for you to win the first contract signed by the Fab Four-all you have to do is to guess the estimated price of the document today.

In the newly launched competition, contestants have to pay 10 pounds to guess the value of the contract.

And the winner would get to take the highly prized document home, reports the Telegraph.

The fab four’s prospective manager, Brian Epstein, offered to sign the band after he was blown away watching them perform in Liverpool’s Cavern Club.

John Lennon, George Harrison, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr signed the contract in 1962.

The contract bears a mistake where Lennon wrote his name in the wrong part, and it was also signed by some band members’ parents, due to their young ages.

However, the agreement has only changed hands a couple of times over the decades and was acquired for The Imagine Corporation at Christie’s auction house.

Currently insured for 500,000 pounds, the documents is regarded as an irreplaceable piece of musical heritage.

Competition entrants will have to pay 10 pounds for the chance to estimate the contract’s value, as estimated by a panel of experts, if it had been put up for auction in April 2008 at a London auction house.

The winner, who will be announced in around six weeks time, has to match the panel’s estimated value.

One can enter the competition by visiting (ANI)

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