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Heather Graham’s idea of relaxing after filming ‘The Hangover’

Sydney, Jun 2 (ANI): American actress Heather Graham has revealed that after a day of filming her latest movie ‘The Hangover’, she prefers to relax by going to the spa.

Graham, 39, who is staying at the penthouse suite at Caesars Palace, which has a picture-postcard view of the famous Las Vegas Strip, is not interested in spending time at the roulette table downstairs or in going dancing.

“You have to go to the spa tonight,” the Sydney Morning Herald quoted the yoga-loving star as saying.

“It’s the perfect thing to do, away from all the craziness. I think I’ll probably go later on. It has a completely different vibe,” she added.

The actress, who plays a stripper and prostitute in the comedy ‘The Hangover’, spent three months in Sin City during filming.

‘The Hangover’ opens in Australia on June 11. (ANI)

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