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Halle Berry says paparazzi doesn’t let her be herself

New Delhi, May 20 (ANI): Hollywood actress Halle Berry has revealed that the constant pressure from the paparazzi doesn’t let her be herself, as they are always pinpointing flaws in her appearance.

Berry revealed that the hounding papparazi does not let her enjoy being normal, as whenever she is spotted without the greasepaint, they put her in a bad clothes or a bad skin list, reports the China Daily.

“All these paparazzi are just out of control, it has added a new pressure. When you just want to go out and be a normal person you get put on that bad clothes list. Or it’s like, ‘Look, she’s got a zit,’ and they zero in on it. Or it’s, ‘Look, she’s got cellulite,’ and they zero in on that. They make you feel like you can’t go out and be a normal girl. I try to resist it and go out without my make-up even though I know I am going to be on that list,” Berry said.

Berry has earlier also emphasized that the scrutinizing media doesn’t let her feel liberated, and when she was pregnant with her daughter Nahla, she felt very enlightened because she didn’t have to worry about looking thin.

“It was the first red carpet that I’ve really walked down where I didn’t have to think about holding in my stomach. t’s the first time I’ve been to an awards show where they served a meal and I actually ate it. I was eating off everybody else’s plate and that felt very liberating and good,” Berry added. (ANI)

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