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Eminem’s hotel room robbed while Cohen was straddling him live on TV

London, Jun 4 (ANI): Just when American rapper Eminem thought things could not get any worse, his hotel room was robbed while he was being straddled live on TV by comic Sacha Baron Cohen.

As 37-year-old Cohen’s gay character Bruno, suspended by wires and wearing a thong, dropped on Eminem, 36, at the MTV Movie Awards, thieves were making off with goods worth tens of thousands of pounds.

As per sources, the burglary at the Los Angeles hotel took place as Bruno dangled his bare butt and “kugel sack” in the rapper’s face, making him storm out of the show in fury.

The burglars made off with several items, including a 36,000 pounds diamond necklace and his laptop.

“It really hasn’t been a happy few days for Eminem,” the Daily Star quoted a Hollywood source as saying.

“Just when he thought things couldn’t get any worse they did.

“Obviously he’s unhappy about the necklace but it is his laptop that he really will miss because it has song ideas and other personal notes on it,” the source added. (ANI)

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