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Eminem warned against disastrous crash diet

London, May 17 (ANI): Eminem has been cautioned against serious harm if he continues to crash diet during his taxing 70-date European tour.

The nine-time Grammy-winning rapper, who had bloated after feasting on fried chicken, fries and burgers, was said to have dropped more than three stones in a desperate bid to get back to his Slim Shady form.

Btu doctors fear the 36-year-old Academy Award winner may be going too far and not only risks becoming anaemic but could also land his life in danger.

“This would be bad enough if he wasn’t living the non-stop life of a music superstar,” the Daily Star quoted Los Angeles GP Morris Missler as saying.

“Crash diets are extremely dangerous for your heart, liver, kidneys and brain because you lose tissue around them.

“If you don’t eat enough, your body will actually burn the muscle tissue of the organs themselves to provide you with sufficient energy to function.

“Even without a wildly energetic and adrenalin-charged job, crash dieters risk heart attacks and strokes, liver and kidney failure and most certainly death in extreme cases,” Missler added. (ANI)

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