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Douglas still gets hailed for making ‘greed good’ with Wall Street role

London, May 26 (ANI): Michael Douglas has revealed that bankers still run up to him, hailing his character Gordon Gekko in the film Wall Street.

The actor bagged a best actor Oscar for playing the character in the 1987 movie which features Charlie Sheen as a young stockbroker desperate to succeed a wealthy but unscrupulous corporate raider, played by Douglas, whom he idolizes.

The film, many believe, has become the archetypal portrayal of 1980s excess, with Douglas advocating that “greed, for lack of a better word, is good”.

The 64-year-old, who may slip back into a pin-striped suit and head back to New York’s financial district in the sequel, said he failed to understand the reason behind the idolisation of the villainous role.

“Everybody is fascinated with Gordon even though he was a villain. That’s what is so weird,” the Daily Express quoted him as saying.

“I get a run of drunken investment bankers coming up to me at bars saying, ‘You’re the man. You’re the man. You’re the reason I got involved in this business.’

“I’m going, ‘Whoa, but I’m the bad guy, right?’ And they’re like, ‘No, no!’ So there you go. Greed is good,” he added.  (ANI)

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