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Distressed Susan Boyle ‘collapsed’ after emotional rant against BGT bosses

London, June 2 (ANI): Susan Boyle reportedly landed in a rehab clinic following her collapse after an emotional outburst at Britain’s Got Talent bosses.

The 48-year-old, who faced a crushing defeat at the show’s finals after having been the red hot favourite to bag the title, was said to have flared-up at producers at a London hotel.

The Scottish songbird, who rose to international stardom after her stunning performance during her audition, was later allegedly reduced to tears for the remaining day before passing out in her bedroom and sparking health fears.

The church volunteer flew into another fit of rage while being rushed to a hospital, where she spent the night.

“Susan couldn’t stop crying and couldn’t calm down,” the Sun quoted a show source as saying.

“She worked herself into such a frenzy that she fainted. We called down for a doctor and the production company called their GP, who arrived with a psychiatrist to assess Susan as she’d been under extreme pressure,” the source added.

A senior show source said: “We’re all quite shaken. Susan spent the entire day in tears. We knew we had to call a doctor to see her.”

And as she arrived at the clinic, sources said she flapped her arms while panicking over her cat, which is presently under the care of her friends.

A source said: “Susan was distraught and convinced they’d taken her cat. She was crying she hadn’t fed Pebbles and flapping her arms like a confused child. It was incredibly distressing. She was talking to herself then went quiet.”

Susan, who won fans all over the globe including US President Barack Obama and Hollywood couple Demi Moor and Ashton Kutcher, was previously reported to be exhausted and suffered a meltdown after losing the title. (ANI)

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