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‘Desperate Jacko blew £30k a month on drugs’

London, June 30 (ANI): Michael Jackson was splashing out 30,000-pound a month on prescription drugs, it has emerged.

According to reports, the ailing Thriller hitmaker consumed “mountains of medication” as he battled numerous disorders in the year leading up to his death.

Apparently, many prescriptions were bought under the fictitious name Omar Adams.

As well as the narcotic pain reliever Vicodin, 50-year-old Jacko gorged on other drugs like muscle relaxant Soma and sedative Xanax.

He also took antidepressant Zoloft, anti-anxiety drug Paxil and heartburn pill Priolosec, reports The Sun.

Meanwhile, the British tabloid has revealed that when Michael died he owed at least 300million dollars – and was begging banks to lend him more moolah.

In late 2007, the King of Pop was seeking to borrow 43million dollars, according to The Sun who saw his financial papers.

On paper, Jacko had assets worth 1.3billion dollars- almost all tied up in his 50 per cent ownership of The Beatles’ back catalogue with Sony Records. But he was unable – or unwilling – to sell his share. (ANI)

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