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‘Dad’s beatings made MJ sterile’

London, July 17 (ANI): Michael Jackson was sterile because his father Joe had hit him twice in the groin area, a former gay lover of the King of Pop’s skin doctor has revealed.

Paul Gohranson, a masseur by profession, who used to be in a live-in relationship with Dr. Arnold Klein, said that the doctor had confessed Jackson’s secret to him.

“Arnold told me of two occasions that Michael Jackson said he was hit in his private area,” the Sun quoted Gohranson as telling in an interview with a US website.

He said: “Once, when he was very young and Joe picked him up by one leg and started hitting him.

“Dr Klein said that Michael said that he didn’t mean to hit him in that area at that time – but he did and it hurt bad.

“The second time was when he had put out a solo album and it didn’t do very well and they rowed that Michael was losing his voice, losing his looks and was gonna shame the Jackson family.

“Apparently Michael started to cry when he was saying that and he said something like: ‘You’re a sissy and if you’re a sissy then you don’t need balls’ and proceeded to hit him.

“Dr Klein said that was when the damage was done.”

Paul also claimed that Klein allegedly donated his sperm so that the icon could fulfill his wish of having a child.

He added: “So that’s why Dr Klein said he donated sperm because Michael didn’t even have the ability to donate sperm – he wasn’t producing it anymore.”

Gohranson also said that Dr Klein had told him that Jacko did try to have children naturally before he realized he had become sterile.

He alleged: “Apparently Michael had tried to have kids back in ’89 or ’90 – and when it didn’t happen I guess he visited a urologist and they told him that he wasn’t able to have a child.”

However, the King of Pop’s father had earlier denied beating him up as a child.

He had said: “Michael was never beat as they call it. And everyone spanked their kids when they did wrong. But not beat.” (ANI)

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