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Concerns over first flick on Mumbai attack suspect Kasab’s true story

London, June 10 (ANI): Bollywood is all set to release the first film based on the Mumbai terror attacks, but not everybody thinks it’s just to showcase the horrific events while the lone suspect is still going under trial.

Titled ‘Total Ten’, the film tells the true story of Azam Amir Kasab, 21-the Pakistani national alleged to be the sole terrorist caught alive during the attacks in November.

‘Total Ten’ refers to the ten terrorists who allegedly attacked Mumbai.

But many people have raised concerns that the low-budget film risks prejudicing Kasab’s trial, as it ends with him being sentenced to death and hanged.

Kasab is accused of 166 counts of murder and waging war against India.

Abbas Kazmi, his lawyer and a terror case veteran, said that the film might shatter one of the highest-profile trials ever held in the country.

“Any depiction of the attacks would jeopardise the proceedings,” Times Online quoted him as saying.

However, the filmmakers have shrugged off suggestions that they could prejudice the case, which is being heard before a judge without a jury.

The film’s producers want their film to be released as soon as possible, before it is beaten to the screen by one of at least 17 similar films that are in production.

“We are only showing what was shown to the world by TV channels live. The best part is that we have a Kasab lookalike playing the role,” said Sugath Kumar, one of the producers of ‘Total Ten’.

As the stakes in Kasab’s trial are very high, legal experts have said that ‘Total Ten’ is on very shaky ground.

Majeed Memon, one of India’s leading criminal lawyers, said: “A film likely to reflect on the character of an accused must be considered unjust.”

The police, on their part, seem unlikely to be swayed by the film’s celebration of their heroics as the terror strike unfolded over 60 hours.

Deven Bharti, a senior officer with the Mumbai Crime Branch, which assembled the case against Mr Kasab, said: “The film-makers have not contacted us to check any details. I doubt the portrayal of events is at all accurate. When the film comes before the censors we will look into the matter.”

However, it still remains to be seen whether the Indian public will flock to see recreations of scenes that were repeated endlessly on television and remain burnt into the minds of many. (ANI)

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