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Columbia Pictures clinches deal for biopic on Capt. Richard Phillips

New York, June 8 (ANI): Columbia Pictures has inked a deal with Richard Phillips, the cargo ship captain who was held hostage by Somali pirates for five days in April, to make a film basedon his life.

Kevin Spacey, Michael De Luca, Dana Brunetti, and Scott Rudin are all said to have signed on the dotted lines to produce the film, which is presently in the early stages of planning.

However, the news of a biopic on Phillips has not gone down well with every one, especially with the journalists who covered the story as one of year’s biggest legitimate news headlines.

Some feel that the story will be sensationalised by Hollywood.
“I think [Phillips’ story going commercial] is something we have absolutely no control over. It’s what always happens. Hollywood is ripped from the headlines. How is that different from ‘Law & Order?’ I would love a little more reflective time because maybe you’d actually get the history of the story. But hey, that’s showbiz,” the New York Daily News quoted CNN’s political correspondent Candy Crowley as saying.

Steve Elzer, senior vice president of media relations at Columbia is undeterred, said: “We’re tremendously excited about developing Captain Phillips’ story. We are now in the embryonic stages of development.”

Phillips revealed that he had been approached by many studios intending to make a film on his story.

“I’d been approached by many film companies to tell my story. It’s a great story to tell,” he said.

Commenting n the film, Phillips’ personal publicist said: “Rich and his wife, Andrea, are very excited to be working with such a talented group of producers. Rich was alone on that lifeboat for five long days with the pirates, so, of course, he will be very involved in telling the story of what happened out there.”

The publicist added: “As far as casting is concerned, Rich will leave that to the experts. However, I can tell you that Andrea’s type is tall, dark and handsome  — and willing to mow the lawn.” (ANI)

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