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Carla Gugino unhappy with Hollywood’s treatment of aging actresses

New York, July 7 (ANI): American actress Carla Gugino has admitted that she doesn’t like the way aging actresses are treated in Hollywood.

“It is bizarre, certainly in Hollywood, when you hit 23 [and] people start to ask you, ‘How does it feel to get older?’ the New York Post quoted her as telling Moves magazine.

“It is absolutely surreal because, as a woman, when you hit your 30s it’s just the beginning of owning yourself and being in your own body,” she added.

Gugino said that one of her friends was told by a dermatologist, “Your face is very expressive — let me know if you want me to do something about that. I mean, wait a minute — isn’t an expressive face a good thing?” (ANI)

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