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‘Carefree’ Susan Boyle goes on shopping spree

London, June 6 (ANI): Britain’s Got Talent runner-up Susan Boyle is back to her superstar self after the rehab stint, as she went on a shopping spree.

Following an “emotional breakdown”, the singer – nicknamed SuBo -was treated for four days in a clinic.

However, she looked carefree after picking out glitzy new outfits for an hour, reports The Sun.

A bystander said: “She was smiling and waving at fans and it even looked like she’d had a bit of a makeover. Her hair looked professionally dyed and she had a smart new top and trousers on.

“She came out of the shop, waved at everyone and did one of her funny little dances. It was great to see her looking on form.”

Susan was accompanied by minders and Dr Sarah Lotzof during her fashion store outing in Radlett, Herts.

Susan lost the hit ITV1 series’ title to dance troupe Diversity. (ANI)

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