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Would Lefangey Parindey Revive Interest In Commonwealth Games

Lefangey Parindey

Lefangey Parindey

Coming at time just before the beginning of Commonwealth Games, LAFANGEY PARINDAY essentially is a film whose underlining theme is sports, Neil Nitin Mukesh representing the kick boxing in the film, while Deepika Padukone playing the character of a blind girl who excels in figure skating. The  timing of release of the film is crucial and one only hopes that the film would be lapped up by the youth of the country and as an after effect they would also warm up to the Commonwealth Games and make it a huge success, inspite of the negativity associated with it

It indeed is a triumph of human will, as Deepika Padukone is playing the role of a blind girl who is into figure skating and she uses her instincts to fight with the cruel world, obviously with Neil Nitin Mukesh on her side. The USP of the film lies in this fact only as it would be probably for the first time that a female actor is playing the role of blind girl who is into sports and that too skating which is one of the most graceful sports to watch. Deepika indeed could also be used by the Commonwealth Games authorities as the brand ambassador for the games, as she is an accomplished sportsperson, has a pedigree in the form of Prakash Padukone as father, and with Lafangey Parinday providing her an opportunity to play the character of a sports person, there could not be better groundswell of favorable opinion for Commonwealth Games.

The sheer choice of Deepika Padukone doing figure skating, one of the most beautiful sports for a lady to associate with could also give a much needed leash of life to the sports of skating in the country. It needed an iconic representation and Deepika Padukone could turn out to be its brand ambassador. As they say, when one is not able to view the world outside he or she internalizes the vision and interacts accordingly, and Deepika seems to have done it with panache.

One only hopes that the authorities of the Commonwealth Games would bestow attention to this development and rope in Deepika. It indeed is manna from heaven for them, and Deepika has been associated with government establishments by virtue of being the brand ambassador for BSNL. Would somebody take the call?

By: Suman Rai

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