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Need For Relook At The Business Of Release Of Films

Hindi Cinema

Hindi Cinema

On 28 May 2010, after a really long time, no Hindi film was released. It would probably be the first Friday this year when this phenomenon has happened. For a change, on this Friday two Hollywood films PRINCE OF PERSIA: SANDS OF TIME and DAYBREAKERS were released.

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Earlier during the year that has gone so far, it was observed that more than four-five films were released on a Friday, each eating into others’ revenue, and all falling on the way side like nine-pins. The whole idea of film release seems to be guided by the herd mentality or the theory of chaos, characterized by release of more than two-three films on a Friday. The premise for such an eventuality being that as their would be lots of anticipation for a big film, and as there would be a clamour for it, and when a scenario would emerge where the ticket for the big film would not be available then the patrons would perforce come and watch the small films.

But it does not happen in reality. When the patrons get disillusioned by a big film, they seldom bother to choose a small film. In the bargain both the categories of films sufferer heavily. This trend has become a recurring motif for the last one year or so, but nobody seems to have a time to introspect, and understand and suggest a new model for film releases all over the country.

It is high time the distributors and the producers put their heads together and device a strategy of films releases so that the losses that industry is suffering presently can be mitigated to an extent. They could think about drawing a calendar whereby in a month one or two Fridays may be reserved for small films.

Once a consensus is found, it would be a win-win situation for all concerned, be it the patrons or the producers and the filmmakers. The draught of hits continues to loom large in 2010, and therefore it is more so imperative that a strategy is put in place to wriggle out of the situation of flops. Once a slot has been decided, and is adapted on an all India basis, it could facilitate in injecting a sense of semblance to the business of film distribution. Can one hope about having a relook into the process of film distribution in India.

By: Suman Rai

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