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Music And Its Relevance



Music is a gift that was given to all the living beings in the world. All of us – may we be plants, animals, Birds, reptiles, or humans – we all love music. It’s in our very soul, and thus it moves everybody. Music is the very essence of life. This is why every living being responds to it. We all have our different tastes in music. So do other living beings. Studies have revealed that plants grow better when soothing music is being played near them, and start to wither when crashing metal music or sounds are being played next to them. If you have a pet, you would have noticed how your pet looks more peaceful when you play soft music, and gets very aggressive when you play loud music. Of course, the converse may be true if your pet has grown up in your home, and is more used to your kind of music.

Music is one of the best forms of art that aims at achieving harmony. The harmony is with nature, and with a person’s mind. Some music is more pleasant to us than others. This is because they have been composed extremely well, and have a good, pleasing blend to their harmonies. Music, when combined with beautiful words, or lyrics, gives us a beautiful song. It is these songs that define our lives. When we are a fetus inside our mother’s womb, we listen to the soft melodies that she sings to us. When we are born, we hear many undistinguishable songs. But when our mother talks to us, we recognise the melody in her voice. It is this melody that establishes the basic mother and child bonding. This is also the reason why many people try to talk to unborn children over the mother’s womb, because they want the baby to be able to recognise their voice. As we grow older, we listen to many beautiful melodies in the form of rhymes, lullabies, and songs. Soon, we develop our own taste in music. No matter how old we grow, our heart always fills with joy whenever we hear the songs that we used to love when we were much younger.

Music is generally considered to be a combination of horizontal melodies and vertical harmonies. A single combination of a melody and a harmony gives us a tune or tone. A combination of different tones gives us a certain piece of music. Music has many forms. There is rock music, soul, jazz, metal, alternate music, country music, pop music and so on. The list is endless. In India, the Hindi and Marathi film industry or Bollywood is especially famous for the music in the form of songs that are played in the films. Unlike western films, songs in India form the main part of the movie. The song is usually played in full, with the main actors shown singing along. This is a trend that will never disappear from India, although the themes these days are changing. Instead of showing the main actors singing the words of the song in a specific location and dancing to the tunes, songs these days are generally shown as background music –the videos feature the lead actors getting on with their lives as per the movie’s plot. This is mainly to make the movies more realistic, for the sake of conformance to international tastes. But the songs in themselves are very typically Bollywood.

An evening spent in the company of music is the best evening one can ever enjoy. No party is ever complete without music. We listen to music while we work and travel. We listen to music while we are in company, or while we are alone. We hum along as we cook, bathe and go about our household chores. Some of us even listen to music as we exercise, walk, and perform yoga. Music, when listened to while exercising, is believed to control the pace of our workouts. This is why most gyms play fast paced music so that people can get inspired to exercise better. Our body moves automatically to music. It is a connection that is completely divine, and one of our very core instincts.

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