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Madhuri Dixit – The Diva Of Indian Cinema

Madhuri Dixit

Madhuri Dixit

The current Bollywood stars gain a lot of monetary advantage owing to their marketing prowess. Bollywood, it appears, has finally understood the power of marketing. But the industry is currently at the peak of male dominance. In spite of their popularity and success – the current female stars of today don’t hold a candle to the last female superstar of Bollywood. They all bow low to her, and name her as their biggest inspirations. Her lazy smile, graceful dancing skills, powerful emotions that gave life to all the characters that she ever portrayed made her the queen of hearts in the late 80s and early 90s. She is heartbreakingly beautiful, yet wonderfully earthy. She was the last female superstar of Bollywood. She is the one and only – Madhuri Dixit

Life and Career

Madhuri Dixit was born on 15th May, 1967 to a middle class Maharastrian family. She is an accomplished Kathak dancer, and had been trained for 8 years. Her first movie – Abodh in 1984 went unnoticed – but not the beautiful diva. She gave her first super hit film – Tezaab in 1988. The movie climbed charts at warp speed, and Madhuri Dixit was catapulted into success. She gave several hit films after this. Devdas was her last hit movie, in which she played the role of the seductive and charming Chandramukhi. She even featured in an art film by the famous M.F.Hussain – Gajagamini, where she portrays all the shades and tunes of his muse. M.F.Hussain has described her rightly as the epitome of womanhood. Her latest movie – Aaja Nachle, was released in 2008. The movie did not click, but the fans who thronged to get a glimpse of the former superstar swore by her performance. Even New York Times quoted that “She’s still got it”.

Acting Style

Madhuri Dixit is one of the few Indian actresses who gave meaning and definition to the presence of female leads in Indian cinema. Unlike other roles, where women are mostly meant only to provide the public with some eye candy, she played roles of real women who had real issues in their lives. Her performances have always been stellar. Some of her movies may have bombed in the box office, because of poor storylines and erratic plots, but Madhuri’s performance was, in all of them, through and perfect. She is a perfectionist at heart, and she really enters the character that she portrays. After you watch a film with Madhuri Dixit in it, you cannot for your life imagine any other actress playing that role. She is the deserving winner of 5 Filmfare awards, and numerous other awards. She has even been given a Padma Shri. She has been listed by the Economic Times as among the top 33 women who made India proud.


Madhuri Dixit’s dancing performances deserve a mention here. She is one of the undisputedly best dancers in Bollywood. She is without a question, the favourite of the best choreographer in the business – Saroj Khan. The best part about her performance is not only the flawless and graceful movements, but her beautiful expressions. When you watch Madhuri dancing, you feel as if she is teasing you gently while exuding warmth at the same time. Even the maestro of choreography – Prabhudeva, who people believe to be made of rubber and India’s answer to the late Michael Jackson, had to admit defeat to this wonderful woman. At the sets of Pukar, she outperformed him through every move he gave her to do. In spite of its difficulty level, she managed to beat him at his own game.

Madhuri’s biggest asset is probably her humility. She was among the topmost superstars in India, and had the whole nation lying at her feet. But she never became a victim to fame. Her love for acting and dance has proved that a true artist needn’t always be erratic and wild. Her performances are proofs of her devotion to the art and dedication to work. Madhuri Dixit is also one of those rare actresses who manage to remain popular even after being married. She married a few years ago,, but her movies continued to be huge hits. The 43 year old diva now lives in the US with her husband and two children. But India misses its beautiful jewel that made it shine brightly among all others. She was, and always will be – Bollywood’s biggest female superstar.

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  1. Swapna Mukherjee

    I miss her too.
    No one can ever replace her!

  2. She will always be the most beautiful and most graceful dancer in my eyes. I have always idolized her for her dance and wish she would come back and do more films. Miss you MADS.

  3. the most humble,down to earth and innocent actress of all times.

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