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Love Sex aur Dhokha: New age in Indian cinema

Love Sex aur Dhokha

Love Sex aur Dhokha

How many of us would be able to recognize any of the lead players enacting different roles in Dibakar Banerjee’s Love Sex aur Dhokha? Hardly anybody, but even then the film met with a big success at the centres where it was released. Incidentally, it was released in only six major centres on the country.

So to create awareness about the film at pan-India level, Balaji Films, which produced the film, has decided to issue the DVDs and VCDs of Love Sex aur Dhokha within a fortnight of the release of film in the cinema halls. The whole idea was to create awareness about a new wave cinema that is based on real incidents as they are panning out in India of the modern times.

This is the new metamorphosis in Indian cinema characterized by content being the king. These films are sold not on the basis of star power that draws the initial crowd to the box office, as it is the wont with majority of Hindi films, but based on the director’s reputation. THANKS MAA is another film of this kind, where children from slums were roped in to play the roles, and that is the reason why it has been awarded numerous awards.

This new trend in cinema making was lacking from Hindi films for want of its appearance on a regular basis. Genre of films of these kinds indeed gives a certain edge to cinematic oeuvre of the films. Films of such kind are known as ensemble films. First real film of this kind made by Hindi cinema could be DO AANKHEIN BARAH HAATH.

In the era of color cinema the name of GARAM HAWA could be included as the milestone ensemble film. If period of reference is for the last twenty years, then SALAAM BOMBAY could be accorded the status of cult ensemble film in the cinematic history of India.

Underlining fact is that directors like Dibakar Banerjee and Kamal are not running after the stars to sell their films but are confident that their content would appeal to the audience. So, they are casting their net far and wide all over India to bring about real performance on to the cinema screen, thereby adding an element of reality to it.

It is a not a denying fact that the costs of the films has hit roof and a large part of the budget allocation is taken in the form of fees to the actors and actresses. In such a scenario, advent of ensemble films could emerge as the panacea for the drought of hits that industry is looking into.

By: Suman Rai

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