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Kites would create a new history with Barbara Mori

Kites - Bollywood Movie

Kites - Bollywood Movie

When was the last time when a single mother, who became a mother at the ripe age of nineteen, make her debut in one of the costliest Hindi films ever made? Well, along with number of firsts that have been talked about for KITES, one fact that would also make KITES unique is that it is a film where a female star has the guts and the conviction to announce to the world that indeed she is a mother and a single mother to boot, and she is proud about it.

Do any other female films star from the past or the present has the guts to announce to the world on the eve of release of a big film like KITES about the real status of her life at the personal front. It is indeed a watershed moment in the Indian film industry, as the conviction of Barbara Mori to tell the world truth of her personal life underlines the fact that an actor’s job is to act and the audience decide whether he or she is liked by the public for her performance or for his or her achievements off the field.

On the eve of Mothers day that was celebrated just s few days ago there could not have been a better assertion about the role of a mother in the life of an individual. It is also a shot in the arm for the single mothers, in particular in India, who continues to battle the stigma of single motherhood throughout their lives.

It is hoped that henceforth the notion of having a coy and demure girl in a debut film, would not be associated with her image, but rather her demeanour and presence. Had Barbara Mori not gone on record to announce her single motherhood, would anybody in India, at least, have had the notion that she is a mother of a baby boy? Not likely.

Rakesh Roshan from the time he stepped into the arena of film making has had the courage to swim against the tide and bring out new elements of societal reality on to the canvas, KITES is one more positive step in this direction.

One only hopes that after an endorsement from Barbara Mori for single motherhood, the single mothers would come out in big numbers along with their children to showcase their support for Mori by viewing KITES in large numbers.

By: Suman Rai

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