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Jhootha Hi Sahi: Saga On The London Bridge

Jhootha Hi Sahi

Jhootha Hi Sahi

Jhootha Hi Sahi could be the first Hindi film in the recent memory where London Bridge would form an integral part of the content and flow of the narrative of the film. It may remind us of the famous poem London Bridge is falling down, that we would have heard umpteen numbers of times through our children and their friends. Well, in Jhootha Hi Sahi, indeed traffic was stopped on the bridge to shoot the film, lanes were closed, etc., all, a feat which was not done earlier for a Hindi film.

Thames River, on which London Bridge is situated, has been used rather extensively. If one were to travel into history to find out who was the first director who used the water front’s of London effectively, it would be Manmohan Desai who had used river Thames as an interesting backdrop in his eponymous film NASEEB and provided a bird eye view about the sheer joy of to the people of our country to the excitements of traveling on water fronts in fast speed boats.

London is one of the most favored destinations for the film makers of India. May be, as it has been used so much its novelty has been lost, still it continues to be featured, probably owing to the large number of the Diaspora who has made London and its suburbs their homes, and who throng to the cinema halls to soak into the ambience through a Hindi film. As per the law of averages, may be, this time around, Jhootha Hi Sahi should score a victory at the box office as it is a young film that deals about the issue of suicide which has a sympathetic chord in the young generation of the present times, in particular in countries outside India, England being the prime example. London is also about loneliness, as it is a city which inspite of being the financial capital of the world, does not extend helping hands to solitary individuals and therefore the tendency of suicide and depression is increasing on a daily basis.

Jhootha Hi Sahi has also tried to bring into relief the common attire of male in London through the dresses given to John Abraham, who is seen in the film sporting blue metallic colored shirts in a big way and it is the color that is preferred by most of the Londoners. One can only hope that preference also would be given to Jhootha Hi Sahi as well.

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