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Houseful: Language as a metaphor to draw humor



Language and its manifestations have been used from the time immemorial by the world of Hindi cinema and even by cinema makers all over the world to create humorous situations in a film. The manner in which content is crafted has also been the deciding factor in making a film hit or a miss. HOUSEFUL, the new Akshay Kumar film going to be released on this Friday is one more addition to the repertoire. Sajid Khan the director of the film is a funny man and he loves to create situations that tickle the funny bones and HOUSEFUL is another attempt in this direction.

It is also one of the films where a man is being shown married to three women at a same time and the humorous situations that arise out of the predicament, as the man

Akshay Kumar has been married to Deepika Padukone who speaks Telugu, a Lara Dutta who speaks Gujarati and a Jiah Khan who is conversant in Sindhi, while Akshay Kumar speaks Punjabi. The icing on the cake is Chunky Pandey who speaks Italian and Bomman Irani who also enacts the role of a Gujarati while Riteish Deshmukh talks in Marathi. One can imagine the comic situations that such a khichdi of language would provide in HOUSEFUL.

Hindi cinema indeed has interpreted the institution of marriage in a new way that is against the established norms and cannons of the institution of marriage. It can happen only in Hindi cinema that a man can be married to three women simultaneously. From the perspective of a woman it does not sound nice as though the idea is to crate humorous situations it is more of commodification of woman. She is reduced to a caricature in such scenarios and one only wishes that the same does not happen with all the three leading ladies of the film viz., Lara Dutta, Deepika Padukone and Jiah Khan.

HOUSEFUL is a film on which there is a lot of expectation from the film industry as the industry has not had any real success so far. It heralds the begining of the summer season for the Hindi film industry, one of the most remunerative times, and one only hopes that the film is able to hit bulls eye at the box office. For all the stars of the film as well, it needs to become a hit as they are searching for a hit for quite sometime.

By: Suman Rai

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