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Fiction Becomes Reality: Three Idiots Repeats Itself

National Film Awards

National Film Awards

In the 57th National Film Awards, there is an award given to Nikita Bhagat. We may ask, Nikita who? She has been awarded for her special efforts in cinematography, but Nikita is no more to receive it. She committed suicide. Here is a case of the example of 3 IDIOTS akin to the suicide of the boy who wanted to build a flying helicopter but could not do it as the principal in 3 IDIOTS did not encourage such initiative, forcing the boy to commit a suicide. Nikita Bhagat has been given Special Mention for her efforts in Cinematography by the Awards jury. Nikita Bhagat committed suicide last year. She was a student of Film and Television Training Institute where she was learning the cinematography course, before she chose to depart from this world on her own. Nikita took this extreme step more than a year ago on February 18, 2009, as she could not cope up with the pressure of study and the related work. Incidentally, Nikita Bhagat got special mention for the cinematography that she had done for film VIJAY.

As in 3 IDIOTS, she was the only child of her parents and like 3 IDIOTS she chose to commit suicide as she could not clear the papers at her institute, underlining our penchant to recognize a talent by virtue of an academic degree rather than giving recognition to the inborn talent per se. Had she been alive the exams which she could not have cleared would not have mattered. But it all required a mentoring at the FTII which nobody seems to have done in this case.

She entered into the depressive mood when she was not given due recognition for the film CHASING ANGELA JOLIE for which she had done cinematography and it also had been conferred the award by the Indian Documentary Producers Association as the best student’s film. Here again would have been a teacher who may have been desirous of promoting his protégée instead of recognizing the talent, but snuffing out the life of exciting proportions in the bargain.

Such talents continue to batter against the system which does not wish to promote people with attitude but is interested in encouraging the persons who are happy to toe the lines of the system. Now that 3 IDIOTS has also been conferred with various awards by the National Awards jury, may be Vinod Chopra, Aamir Khan and Raju Hirani need to take it upon themselves to find at least one Rancho in each academic institution. If they are able to do it, the progress that country would achieve would be much more than what is available today. Would the trio take the challenge on behalf of Nikita Bhagat?

By: Suman Rai

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