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Era of making films in multiple languages arrives

Film Making in Multiple=

Film Making in Multiple Languages

Though Ram Gopal Verma is not a hit director of the earlier times, he needs to be given credit for introducing new elements in art of film making thereby reducing the cost and expanding the reach of the movies, it was in the form of making a film in multiple languages at one time. He started the experiment with PHOONK and made it in Hindi as also in Telugu simultaneously. ON the same location, and using the same resources he could cater to two markets simultaneously at the nearly the cost of one. Ramu did the same with PHOONK-2 as well. Now Ram Gopal Verma has gone one step further and has shot RAKTACHARITRA in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu.

Mani Ratnam, probably getting inspired from Ram Gopal Verma has also decided to make RAAVAN simultaneously in Hindi as well as in Tamil. Mani Ratnam has the habit of making the movies in Tamil and then remaking them in Hindi, but with RAAVAN he must have come to realize the fact that now with the actors working in nearly all the different languages in which films are made in India, it makes much sense to shoot the film simultaneously for different languages. So, RAAVAN would be releasing in Hindi as also in Tamil at the same time.

Incidentally KITES, Hrithick Roshan’s latest movie, also falls in the same category and would release simultaneously in Hindi and English. This approach serves dual purpose, on the one hand it the production process, it also helps in cutting the menace of piracy to a certain extent, as the fans can see the talked about film in their own language, instead of watching its pirated versions.

Caveat needs to be introduced here, however. Any film cannot be shot simultaneously in multiple languages. Each content fan has a different expectation and it is viable only in the cases where the subject matter has a pan Indian appeal. In such a scenario it indeed is prudent to shoot the film simultaneously in all possible language forms to expand the outreach.

For the stars as well it is a win-win situation. It can be illustrated by taking the example of  Supriya who is making her debut in Hindi with RAKTACHARITRA, and otherwise is a superstar in Tamil films, so apart from catering to her fans in Tamil, she gets a chance to expand her fan base in Hindi as well. By this arrangement, an actor gets an opportunity to expand his or her outreach without waiting for an opportunity to knock at his or her door through this multiple language film making proposition.

By: Suman Rai

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