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Dabanng, Mixed Numbers And The Mobile Service Providers



From the time the mobile numbers made their debut in India, and have become a veritable tool in the Hindi film industry, by virtue of being flaunted, or sought to talk to a girl or it being d number of the lead character, common man who has this number has been in acute agony.  DABANNG follows into the same league. In DABANNG, a mobile number was flaunted which  turned out to be a number in reality and the poor professor from Haryana was at its wits end receiving the calls as people wanted to talk to Chulbul Pandey or Munni Bai. As DABANNG is gaining ground and emerging as the biggest grocer of this season, as a by-product the malice of calls was spreading like wild fire, and fortunately enough now the number has been deleted from the film. Incidentally, most of these calls originate from small towns and there is an element of mischief embedded in them.

Is there a way out then! Well, it is flowing in the wind, but surprisingly enough the communication and the mobile companies have not been able to sense it so far. Well, here is the idea. The mobile companies have spare numbers that they keep on recycling in the pre-paid category. So they could enter into tie-ups with various film production companies and provide them series of pre-aid cards that could be used during the shooting of the film per se, and it would not any anguish to any user around the country side. The whole idea of giving the number by a film production company is not to make the life miserable for the actual owner of the number, it is just that a number is picked up randomly, and it turns out to be a number that exists in reality. Once this tie-up is done the problem would go away.

It would be a win-win situation for the communication companies as well. They get an exciting opportunity to place surrogate ads of their products inside the picture without incurring much cost and the mileage that they could derive would be immense. It could also open the path for the communication companies to become a part of the process of production as well and ride on the bandwagon of the movie to broadband the outreach of their product. Communication companies right now have largest number of visibility anywhere in the country, and once they get associated with a film by offering free numbers till the time the film is being shot, it provides them an opportunity to expand their brand equity. Would this idea be implemented, let’s wait and watch.

By: Suman Rai

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