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Dabangg – From Chocolate Hero To A Ruff Tough Guy



In his career of more than 20 years, Salman Khan has never sported a moustache in his films, may be in sync with the chocolate boy image that he projected, but with Dabangg he is turning a new leaf. He is sporting a moustache to add sense of dabanggee to his character. Dabangg is a Hindi word which literally means one who rules with muscles, and one cannot be a chocolate character to rule over an area, he has to grow a moustache a the belief is that a moustache adds a sense of weight to the persona.

Incidentally, Hindi cinema, or for that matter cinema in any part of the world, does not have actors who have been very enamored with the hair growth above the upper lips. After all they have to pander to a constituency of the opposite sex as well, and on most of the cases the opposite sex does not like the moustache. Gillette, the famous men toiletry company had run a campaign in India to find out whether the women liked moustache, and they overwhelmingly rejected the idea.

In his new avatar Salman has indeed shed his chocolate image and is appearing as a ruffian. It could lead a spell of moustache growing frenzy among his fans, in the same manner as it had happened when Tere Naam had been released and his hair style had become a rage. Incidentally, in Hindi cinema as well, there are very few film stars who have sported a moustache, Raj Kapoor being the only lover boy and an exception, otherwise it has been a saga of clean shaved face. Jackie Shroff was an aberration when he had made his debut in 1983, and when had tried to join the league of chocolate heroes by shaving off his moustache he was booed, when he had done it in Kaash. Same is the case with Anil Kapoor, who otherwise sports a moustache but when he shaved it off in Lamhe he also was ridiculed by the audience.

It seems to be guided from the first impression of the star among the fans, and therefore it would be of interest to watch whether Salman Khan would be accept in this new facial avatar. From the face of it he seems to have created the new image, as the songs of Dabangg have become a rage, and it is just a week’s time before audience announces its verdict.

By: Suman Rai

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