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Arjun Rampal Announces His Arrival As An Actor With A Bang

Arjun Rampal

Arjun Rampal

Who would have thought that when Arjun Rampal had made his debut in ROCK ON as an urban boy that with Rajniti he would really evolve as an actor? Indeed he is the surprise winner with Rajniti. His evolution as an actor is complete as the role that he has enacted in Rajniti is the roles with which common people identify as the role he has enacted has an element of connect through the tools and processes with which the common man identifies. Politics is one of the most vibrant participative processes in the rural areas and Arjun Rampal by enacting the role of a politician and a young politician at that has made definitely large strides in his acting career. It is from this perspective that his career has indeed got a shot in the arm.

It is the dream of every actor worth his grain to play the role of a kind that Arjun Rampal played in RAJNITI. Underlining feature of his performance has been that that Arjun Rampal has underplayed the character and has come out on tops along with his co-actors in RAJNITI.

Arjun Rampal has also emerged as actors who can even enact passionate scenes with the confidence since his ROCK ON days and has added a new feather to his performance by enacting two different kind of intimate scenes in RAJNITI. There is an element of sensuality in the portrayal, but it does not have any element of vulgarity, and it could be owing to the confidence that Arjun Rampal gained by having an illustrative career in modelling.

The confident manner with which these scenes have been enacted on the screen in RAJNITI by Arjun Rampal has provided a platform for experimentation by the film makers in the world of Hindi film scenario, especially for the new breed of directors to exorcise the element of hesitation associated with performing intimate scenes on the screen and to execute them in a matter of fact manner that could facilitate in removing the element of shock associated with such portrayals on the screen.

With the success of Rajniti, Arjun Rampal has emerged as a character actor who could don the mantle of a star as also display grey elements, when the occasion so demands. Arjun Rampal waited for his moment, and now it has arrived with RAJNITI.

By: Suman Rai

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