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Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar shares family secrets

Actor Akshay Kumar is the latest B-town biggie to have turned web-savvy. No, he hasn’t started his blog, instead has joined the growing Facebook community on the Internet.

The actor has created a group named The Official Akshay Kumar Group, which has already got 1,710 members.

In his latest post on the discussion board of the group Akki shared his life, on and off screen with his fans.

He says, “As promised I’m back. My whole purpose of being present on a social network was to connect with you guys and share everything about my life. Hence, I would like to start off with introducing to you all, my family without whose love and support I would have never made it. At home, I share my life with my wife, Tina, my son, Aarav and of course my dogs, Stitch and Okie. At work, I am dependent on my key staff members, who have become family to me…my driver – Ravi, my trainer – Jennifer, my manager – Lokesh, my executive assistant – Zenobia. I hope to continue sharing about my life and family with you here, until then take care.”

The other posts on the discussion board includes a profile about Akshay Kumar and another post by the actor himself where he promises to write as regularly as he can. “Though I’m not the most computer friendly person, I’ve heard that this is the best medium to interact with fans. So here I am, trying to acquaint myself with Facebook. I’m a quick learner but till then please be patient with me. Though I cannot really put a time line in place, I promise to write as regularly as possible,” he said.

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