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Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney ‘to join hands for new songs’

London, May 26 (ANI): Legendary musicians Bob Dylan and Sir Paul McCartney are to team up in California over the summer, where they are expected to work on new songs as a duo, it has emerged.

The news comes after Dylan declared earlier that he found the idea of working with the former Beatle “exciting”.

McCartney’s spokesman then declared their man would be “very interested” in a collaboration.

“Paul has a home in California not too far from Bob’s so the idea is for the two to meet when Paul is in California over the summer. They’ll obviously want to work in privacy and it’s felt one of their homes will be the best bet,” The Daily Express quoted a source, as saying.

Meanwhile, Dylan recently topped the charts with his album Together Through Life and McCartney created waves with his last release musical alter ego The Fireman.

“Getting these two together for any length of time is difficult schedule-wise but they both want this to work out. The music that comes out of this will be fascinating to hear,” the source added. (ANI)

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