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Bob Dylan delighted to be an ‘honorary Texan’

Washington, May 25 (ANI): Folk musician Bob Dylan says that he is delighted to have received the title of an honorary Texan from former American President George W. Bush.

Bush honoured Bob with the title just few days before he had taken the presidency.

“I think you really have to be a Texan to appreciate the vastness of (the state) and the emptiness of it. But I’m an honourary Texan. George Bush, when he was governor, gave me a proclamation that says I’m an honourary Texan. As if anybody needed proof. It’s no small thing. I take it as a high honour,” Contactmusic quoted Bob as saying.

Bob also declared that the former American President was not to be condemned for the country’s current economic difficulties.

“None of us really knew what was happening in the economy. It changed so quickly into a true nightmare of horror. As far as blaming the last president, think of it this way: the same folks who held him in such high regard came to despise him. People are fickle,” he said. (ANI)

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