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A.R. Rahman to work in James Bond Movie

A scintillating buzz across the globe is about a source revealing that Danny Boyle has been asked to direct James Bond’s 23rd Film. It’s a high-season for British Filmmaker Danny Boyle who stunned the world with his impeccable story of the ‘Slumdog Millionaire’. In fact, the filmmaker was a bit distressed as there were no takers for this film as they felt it wouldn’t do good business at the box office. Nevertheless, the mantra of ‘Rags to Riches’ has become a hit yet again with Danny’s able direction, as the film fetched the international awards the crew never even dreamt about.

Post-Oscar triumph, the director has been flooded with offers left right and centre from top production houses one of which is with Barbara Broccoli, producer of James Bond ’s 23rd Film. Talks suggest that it was co-producer Callum McDougal who suggested Danny as both of them have shared a good rapport for a very long time. As a matter of fact, Callum who produced Danny’s ‘Beach’ was fascinated by his working style.Says one of the sources, ‘Danny’s intense involvement with the motifs he drops on his script papers is unbeatable by any of the contemporary filmmakers. For sure, he would offer a new-dimensioned James Bond and it’s something about turning spotlights of entire globe if Danny is there in Bonds’ family’.

And not only does the story end there, if Boyle signs up for this flick, undoubtedly don’t we all know who the music director for the film would be? Uh-huh! None other than the ‘Mozart of Chennai’ our very own A.R. Rahman, as both have already planned to work on another international project that’s expected to be based on the organized crime in Mumbai.Hold your breath until the official announcements are made. And just imagine Rahman re-tuning James Bond’s signature music that’s a universal theme. Just can’t wait to hear more right. So are we!

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