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Akshay kumar’s unbutton act lands him in trouble

Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar may land himself in trouble as city police started an inquiry into his alleged obscene act during Lakme Fashion Week.

The complainant, Vinod P Jain has termed Akshay’s unbuttoning act as obscene in his complaint.

“We have received a complain and at the moment we can’t say anything more than that. We are looking into it,” said DCP Niket Kaushik.

“The way Akshay got unbuttoned by his wife was a vulgar act. It was a shame. I felt very hurt. Being a social worker I felt that it’s my duty to get such people punished. If the police will not lodge an FIR, I will approach the court. Akshay has ashamed the whole nation. I was shocked to see. It’s embarrassing to watch something like this with your kids at home,” said Jain.

Vakola police has given two days time to the complainant to look into the evidences produced by him. In these two days police will go through the cds and newpaper cuttings attached in the complain.

On Monday, mid-way between his ramp walk, Akshay Kumar walked towards his wife Twinkle Khanna, who was seated in the front row and allegedly asked her to unbutton his jeans during the fashion show.

Police says if their inquiry finds them (Akshay, Twinkle and organisers) guilty of obscene act, then a case will be registered against Akshay and organisers.

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