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7 out of 10 Brits believe Susan Boyle shouldn’t have performed on BGT

London, June 3 (ANI): More than seven in ten British adults believe that super singer Susan Boyle should never have been allowed to perform on Britain’s Got Talent, says a survey.

According to the survey of 3,000 adults, six out of ten said they felt ITV exploited her in a bid to win viewers.

Seventy two percent thought Boyle, who has learning difficulties, should not have been exposed to the nation on the ITV talent show.

A quarter of adults thought show’s contestants should be psychologically tested before competing, reports The Telegraph.

The 48-year-old Scottish songbird astonished Britain and the show’s judges with her performances. She became an overnight internet sensation with millions watching the clip of her act on YouTube.

However her behaviour became more erratic as she headed towards the final, where she lost the champions trophy to dance group Diversity.

A spokesman for said: “As Susan Boyle has proved – it’s a massive thing to deal with when you go from being an ordinary, anonymous person to being suddenly in the limelight with not only the nation, but the whole world watching you.

“You need to be of complete sound mind and have a supportive network of people around you to deal with pressure of that kind.” (ANI)

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