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The Background Of Ragging



A lot of stress has been given and in fact substantial efforts have also been taken to curb the savage phenomenon of ragging in all educational campuses of India. Basically the word “ragging” has been used in different parts of the world to welcome the freshers. Its history can be traced back into 7th or 8th century A.D. when new entrants to the some particular community whether it be sports or military community were enforced to bear humiliations and teasing just to encourage a team spirit among them. But gradually this technique was subjected to several modifications and finally entered the institutional campuses.

In India ragging system was imported along with the British education system and became a matter of great concern for education policies maker only after 1980. Initially it was not so noticeable because the issue was confined only to the people of civilized section of the country who were persuing higher education at some premiere educational institutes. As the higher education gradually became accessible to different class and communities of the society ragging turned out to be the best way to settle the animosity among different caste, sections and community.

Tamil Nadu was the first state to bring act against ragging when it was the worst sufferer of ragging in India. After ragging became common in almost every higher educational institution of the country Supreme Court banned ragging in 2001. Till then this act has been subjected to various modification according to needs.

Nowadays ragging has become organized form of campus violence and particularly in India. It is just a brutal and hazardous exercise used to harsh the freshers at the campuses. It has caused death of a number of students at different campuses in India. However enforcing of laws against ragging has led to disappearance of ragging at many campuses. UGC has come out with different rules and regulations to curb the menace of ragging by senior students at campuses.

Ragging has already claimed the lives of various innocent students in India. And the most hurting fact about ragging is that it is an act practiced by educated youth students of our country in the name of making freshers frank and bold.

Let’s end ragging and try to make the new entrants at the campuses to make them frank and bold in some other humble and humane ways!

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