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Statues and Right to Education



Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh has expressed her inability to implement Right to Education in her state citing the lack of funds to initiate the process. On the other hand she is also initiating the process for creating a special force that would guard the monuments and the idols that have been constructed all over the state by her government.

There could not be a more paradoxical situation than what it is present in the state of Uttar Pradesh for now. Percy Byce Shelly one of the biggest romantic poets of his time had written a poem Ozamandius. He was a king who relentlessly pursued the job of executing his monuments through out the state, in the central places like market squares etc., and Shelly had underlined its futility, by pointing to his icons lying in dust head thrown somewhere else, and the stumps wondering whom did they belong to.

While it is all right that the iconic representations of the leaders need to be made to underline their contribution as a part of empowerment of the community to which they belong, taking it to the levels as it is being done in UP, leaving all development vehicle behind, and the activity of raising of sculptures as the only parameter of development is  anachronistic.

When the state like UP says that it does not have resources to implement the Right to education Act, it is indeed problematic as if the government does not have resources to allocate it for education, then the next generation would find it difficult to come out of the drudgeries of poverty, as education is the channel vehicle to do so.

Ozymandius’s ambition of being remembered in posteriori remained a wishful thinking all the area became deserted and there was nobody even to read the citations that were engraved on the sculpture. A good leader however would be remembered if he or she works for the cause of education as it would help a family to come out of the drudgeries of poverty and would feel empowered by the state initiative in this direction.

UP as a state has definite potential to emerge as one of the most developed states as it is happening in Bihar. Besides, if the state initiative were directed towards development, the beneficiaries by their own volition would be eager to honor the leaders by erecting monuments in their memories through their own resources. There would not be a better tribute to the yeomen contribution of the leader to their followers.

By: Suman Rai

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