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KISS – A Home For Tribal Children

Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences

Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences

Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences popularly known as KISS was started on 1st April 1993 at Bhubaneswar, Orissa by a team of social minded people headed by Dr. Achyuta Samanta with a mission and vision to unfold the talents within tribal students by providing them free education with boarding facilities. Started with only 120 tribal students today it is providing education to10000 tribal children including 64 different kinds of tribal groups from the state. it is only institute of its kind in country to offer completely free education with residential facilities. Dr. Samanta always drew motivation by the experience of childhood days that lost his father at a virtually tender age of four years and had no means to afford his education. This motivated him to realize the need of help to needy and neglected children in remote inaccessible part of the state. .

Stared with basic concept of a home away from home KISS campus has natural leisurely ambience with a humane touch of affection and care. The school has been developed in a way similar to their own habitations and makes them comfortable in the new environment and imbibes them with self confidence and sense of true dedication for the realization of larger goals in life. It provides complete educational solution ranging from formal to vocational education from KG to PG. Poor tribal children are trained to earn their livelihood by imparting them the basic skills like driving, TV and mobiles  repairing, tailoring, food preservation and basic computer education. There are doctors who take personal care of students if they fall sick.

Not only education and talent but KISS is also providing these tribal students skills to compete and access the outer world that would have been otherwise limited to forest and mountain. The quality of education and personal development opportunities being provided is itself revealed by the performance of the students at state board examination with 100% results and in various national and international level games.Under-14 rugby team of KISS won the rugby world cup held In England from 26th – 30th September 2007 beating South Africa in final. Laxman Hembram one of the KISS students was the only student from India selected to present paper at United Nations Environment Program (UNEP).

The great success stories of KISS have now stared drawing the attention of US government. KISS was selected for the US embassy sponsored English Access Micro scholarship Program launched on 1st Dec. 2009 at KISS to facilitate English language study to selected 100 students from the institute to compete global job market. The miraculous work and social attitude of Dr. Samanta have made various celebrities, renowned educated personalities, ministers and social workers from India and abroad keen to visit the KISS campus to see the great commendable job done by the organization like KISS. Padma Vibhusan Smt. Mahasveta Devi a Ramon Magasay awardee and noted social worker quoted KISS as “the 2nd shantiniketan of India” during her visit to KISS campus. Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam was quite amazed to see the education system at KISS and highly appreciated the social responsibility shown by the organization during his visit to KISS campus. He was quite happy to interact with the poor tribal students at KISS campus. The unbelievable job done by Dr. Samanta has been highly appreciated by all who have visited the KISS campus like honorable Union Minister Shri Arjun Singh, Kapil Sibal and Swami Ramdevji Maharaj. Even the esteemed visitors from abroad like Prof. Richard Ernest, a Nobel laureate from Switzerland, Mr. Fill Holland, director MOBA and many others who visited the campus were quite amazed to see such institutes grooming in India showing social responsibilities and providing world class education and  opportunities for personal development free of cost to poor and downtrodden tribal children.

The ultimate aim of Dr. Samanta is to develop KISS as a tribal university of India providing completely free education and boarding to needy tribal children. His vision that every educated and well trained tribal child exposed to the outer world would go back to his family and society after completing education at KISS and would try his best for their upliftment and eradication of superstitions being practiced by them then only his dream would be fulfilled in a real sense. Institute like KISS is a better indicator of the era when tribals would no longer be so called tribal who give a picture of poor, helpless, illiterate, uncivilized people living in forest and having no access to the outer world in everyone’s mind. Mahatma Gandhi’s assertion that India can get independence in true sense only when tribals will join the mainstream through education and the institute like KISS is coming forward to make Mahatma Gandhi’s dream a reality.

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  1. Dr. Samanta has done a great job for tribal children. Today we need to have people like him in our society.

  2. this article is really too informative regarding what steps is being aken by social workers….

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