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Education System In India

Education System In India

Education System In India

Needless to say that India has made a huge progress in field of education. Our education has a history stretching back to ancient period when Nalanda University was the oldest university system in the world. In the last decades we have achieved unbelievable success, especially in the field of primary and professional education. Education system in India is monitored by state as well union government and both governments are responsible for providing education to each and every Indian citizen.

In spite of setting a milestone still Indian education system is facing challenges to achieve a respectable literacy rate. Still 30% of population in India is illiterate and only 15% students are able to reach high school.

No one can deny that it is a tough job to spread literacy in a country with population of above hundred crores. Education system in India needs to be reviewed and improvised. We still encourage the education system of mugging up the things and putting it down in the paper. The burden of getting good grades in a paper hampers the real talent of a student.

Once a student gets degree of an engineer or a doctor, the first thing which comes in mind is to shift abroad to get good job with hefty pay package. Students getting B.Tech. degree go for MBA rather than doing M.Tech. The only truth which lies behind this trend is earning more and more. We teach our children to become slave of some corporate companies after completing study and not to innovate. Brain drain has created such a situation in education industry that we do not have good teachers to teach at institutes. One with good degree and knowledge flies away and one who is a loser is being absorbed as a teacher at some institute. Today in India someone is teacher not by the virtue that he has passion to teach rather he has no option other than teaching for earning livelihood.

In European countries children are educated according to their interest. But we impose the field and stream of study on our children just seeing scope of income.

Our system needs to be improvised at grass root level. Equal education standard among every section of society never demands reservation system rather only merit system prevails. The focus of our education system should be at more practicals and lesser theories. What we study in book has already been invented or realized by someone. We need to realize or invent something new. The whole education system should rely on regular assessment of as student for giving remarks about his/her excellence not scoring good grades. Let us design our education system in such a way which would bring innovators or inventors in our society not commercial slaves of some multi-national companies. The system should be opportunistic and imaginations and innovations encouraging. In this regard CBSE and ICSE have already taken major steps. Let us do our own part!

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  1. quite informative article.. surely India can do much better by introducing proper modifications in our education system.

  2. Nice….revealing decent education strategy

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