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Craze Of Going Abroad

Craze Of Going Abroad

Craze Of Going Abroad

Indian students now prefer to go abroad for higher studies. A number of reasons support this craze of young generation. As soon as one gets into secondary stage of study starts thinking about going abroad for higher studies. Now even parents prefer and feel proud to see their children abroad for studies and finally settling there after getting a job. Till now I have never been able to understand this craze of going abroad for studies. At least parents should realize that if they are sending their children to study there and finally settle down after getting a job, they are going to lose them in one way as it seems to be one way route which only allows up journey and never allows return journey.

The most unfortunate fact for India is the misconception of many literate and educated Indians themselves who see no future for well educated and skilled persons in India. They feel flying away would provide more opportunities and real use of talent. This thinking most often misguides many to leave the country.

Teachers who are supposed to be real path finder for a student now give priority to the concept of going abroad. In my school time and even in college I have heard from many teachers the statement like there is nothing in doing higher study in India. Just perform well in exams like GMAT, GRE, TOEFL and go abroad. I think we don’t expect such statement from a teacher.

The main reasons of this craze just lies in fact that one gets a tag in Indian society who happens to study from a foreign university or institute. These foreign returned educated people are looked upon as high profile persons and this tag works even in Indian marriage market well. Getting very high dowry is no more a problem after getting this tag.

Needless to say many have come out with flying colours after studying in some foreign countries but most of us never pay heed towards the failure statistics. Many of them either fall prey of negative aspects of the western culture or just forget how to treat their families and relatives. In fact they forget the Indian culture completely. Some are not able to bear the aggressive competition among multinational companies and return India jobless or compromise doing some sib-standard jobs. Many of the Indians even face the hardship of racial hatred .The current example of racial animosity in Australia against Indian student is the best example to understand the facts about the racial hatred towards the Indian students in these foreign countries.

For a moment the thought may come into the mind of reader of this article that I am jealous about those students going to study abroad and settling there for a good job. Actually what I want to convey is the absolute eagerness to go abroad and getting disappointed if some students are not able to study abroad as their parents can’t afford which are not good. Don’t underestimate our great country. The Indian education system is still one of the best and up to date. What is actually needed is some reforms and restructuring of our education system. So let’s think before going abroad.

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