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The Importance Of Body Language

Body Language

Body Language

All of us sometimes, need to communicate secrets to our colleagues, friends and family members. The worst moments in life are those when you are desperately trying to tell your friend something, but can’t do so directly because there are so many people in front of you. People who have good communication established between them through many years or months of friendship find that they can easily communicate without words. All they need is to exchange looks. But how is it possible to talk to someone without words?

Non verbal communication forms the biggest part of our day to day communications. It is said that often, what we don’t say through our words, can be understood by studying the signals of our body language. People who have spent a lot of time with each other become aware of their every movement without realising it. We are able to understand each and every expression of each other, and thus we can make out what they are trying to tell us.

Studies have indicated that for certain emotions – fear, anger, rage, sexual arousal, happiness, contempt, joy and so on – all of us give the same expressions. But because the degree of facial movement is different on each of our faces, we often don’t understand what people are really thinking. The famous TV series – Lie to Me – is based on this exact theory. Of course, they show a much more sophisticated level. But it is true that sometimes, even when we don’t completely know a person, we are able to tell what they are thinking by just studying their body language. We may not do it consciously, but we can understand. Think of all the times you have felt that a stranger was sincere in his request for help, or that moment when you realised the person asking you out is really a jerk.

This is why, most people who are appearing for job interviews are given training in the body language. Body language is being intensely studies by the corporates of the modern day organisations. They try to discern your true emotions by studying what your face and body is telling them. For example, you may say that you are a team player, and that you love working in groups, when really you are just a loner. If your face and body reveal that you are not telling the truth, you will instantly be caught. Hence, while it’s much better to tell the truth, if you must lie – you must do so with finesse.

Often out of nervousness, we give out the wrong signals to interviewers. Hence, before entering an interview session, you must ensure that you are completely relaxed. You can even have a sip of water before you begin. Confidence is a virtue that is appreciated by everyone – be it potential employers, possible spouses or friends. It shows that even though you may not have your facts right, you are sure of yourself, and have faith in the brand that is you. Hence, while in an interview, it is of vital importance that you remain confident and composed. This shows the interviewers that you are a person who is comfortable with himself, as well as stressful situations. Don’t overdo it though – confidence must always be blended with restraint, class and professionalism. Also most importantly – if you are a bad liar, then its sensible not to. Companies appreciate honesty more than anything else. You need not be a national award winner, or a state level sports player. You needn’t have worked managerial positions either. What really counts is what you have achieved, and how confident you feel about your own capabilities.

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