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The Changing Equations Of Saas-Bahu Relationships

Saas-Bahu Relationships

Saas-Bahu Relationships

The world seems to have come a full circle in relation to the emerging trends in saas-bahu relationships. Gone are the days when mother-in-laws were regarded as brutal bullies who left no stone unturned in making their daughter-in-laws slog to the hilt. Young girls of marriageable age literally saw stars in the day brooding about their prospective in-laws and the unforeseen encounters of their married lives. In the present scenario, the centuries old saas-bahu strain seems to have mellowed down a bit. It’s an era of serious amity and gaiety in saah-bahu relationships. New age mother-in-laws are less like mothers and more like friends to their loving, caring and daughter-like bahus. The bond seems to be on a roller-coaster ride!

Back in those days, when arranged marriages were considered to be big-time gambles due in wake of the atrocities pelted upon the young brides by their tyrant mother-in-laws, even bollywood made its fair share of contribution in helping mother-in-laws create a unique niche on the silver screen! Veteran actresses like Lalita Pawar, Bindu, Shashikala, Manorama and Shyama were perhaps, the best prototypes of the then mother-in-laws. With strong bullwhips in their hands, fierce rage coloring their rays and a volley of abuses on their tongues, they sent a shiver down the spines of the audiences’ world over. They were truly an epitome of mother-in-law-hood of their times.

However, with the passage of time there has been a 180 degrees turn in the saas-bahu relationships. With the advent of the love-marriage and arranged-love-marriage trends and, working daughter-in-laws making a rich contribution to the financial treasury of the family, the saas-bahu saga underwent a total makeover. In contrast to the relentless nagging and verbal fights that ushered in the households in the olden times, amicability and mutual harmony have finally set in.

The new age mother-in-laws are proving to be far more adorable and trustworthy in contrast to their old counterparts. With their flexible ways and polite governance, they are winning over their natural charm and poise in the eyes of their sons and daughter-in-laws. The daughter-in-laws too are doing their best in retaining the amicability and warmth of this relationship.

A little open-mindedness, willingness to unlearn and learn afresh, a pinch of compromise and a firm conviction to make things work out in the best possible manner is what that is helping out both the sides towards leading a more happier and peaceful family life. Witnessing the new age saas-bahu relations, it seems as if a new cult in the history of familial relationships in India has emerged on the scene. We hope that the amity adorning this pious relationship continues to sustain its luster in the times to come, and creates an unprecedented niche for itself in the history of India.

Kudos to the new age saas-bahus, for making us see the brighter side of life!

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