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Analogies from history sometime appear farcical when they are imitated in the real world. When Ram’s army was not able to make bridge over Rameshwaram t0 reach Lanka and wage war with Ravana, Ram had told Nal and Neel to write his name on stones and then the stones would not sink and the bridge would be constructed in a jiffy. It is happening in Uttar Pradesh once again where in the zeal to plant inaugural stones all over the state, but paucity of time not allowing it, Mayawati has decided that she would unveil all the stones in Lucknow itself and the inaugural stones, would be fixed at the places as and where they are needed. The latent urge among the politicians to see their names engraved in the stones all over the country side indeed leads to these kinds of farcical situations.

It had happened in Punjab as well when Vinod Khanna was the sitting Member of Parliament and a bridge had to be inaugurated. Vinod Khanna inaugurated it from one side while to score browny points the Congress representatives did it from the other end. There was quite a lot of snafu in this situation as well.

The situation really assumes farcical position in the city of Mumbai where a public structure like a bridge an underpass or some other such structure has to be dedicated to the citizens. If the official inauguration is slated at a particular time during the day, it happens most of the times that the workers of the opposition party would try to inaugurate it during the previous day to gain advantage politically. The political leadership feels that by indulging in such acts that provide those media visibility they would be able to charm their constituency. They however forget the fact that the public of the present times does not get swayed by the number of inaugural stones that they launch or the announcement of projects that they make through these initiatives. It understands where the credit has to be given and it is more concerned that the initiatives of this kind do not have a cosmetic approach but provide meaningful initiatives for a better quality of day-to-day life.

The inaugural plaques may come and go, but if initiative is taken for betterment of life then the benefits arising out of it could be reaped for years on end by the leaders. They have to understand it otherwise the stones may dot the landscape and they could be handed rejections by the voters in subsequent elections.

By: Suman Rai

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