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Quest of civilizations focused on acquiring money and it’s resources: Love vs Money

Love vs Money

Love vs Money

The quests by the civilizations to expand the boundaries have been with the objective of adding more money to the coffers and the treasury. No single instance can be quoted from the annals of history where any conquest has not been followed by the looting of treasury, pocketing of the resources, and laying claims to the sources and resources that generate revenue.

Such has been pride associated with money, that all the rulers from the times money came into circulation, have tried to give it a personal touch to it by getting their icons, symbols etc., embossed on it, if it was a coin, and print on it, if it was a paper currency. These personal imprints on the currencies has facilitated in compilation of the historical facts as well.

Any civilization, which has an antiquity, associated with it, has again been able to relive its glorious past on account of the reconstructions of the same primarily built up on numismatic evidences or the evidences deduced from whatever was embossed on the currencies. Coins were the first evidence, which were used for building up history of a civilization and from that perspective it scores over love, as chronicles of love have never been used as concrete historical evidences to construct a past of the civilization.  There have also been evidences from the past where the maverick rulers, who in their quest to be different have even issued coins, made of leather to add a personalized touch to their authority of issuing tender for money.

In the present times the values held and shared by the people of different countries can be assuaged to an extent by the portraits printed on the paper currency of the country under question. The portraits on the currency provide evidence about the pride that the country has under question about their idols. In case of USA therefore the portrait of Abraham Lincoln dominates various denominations of dollars while in the case of United Kingdom, it is the portraits of the queen that hog the limelight.

The symbols portrayed on the tender for money is an expression of the nature of the national state. Love has not been given this luxury, so it exists in the realm of allegory, panegyrics, while money dominates the literal existence of a civilization.

Japan is sighted one of the most enigmatic economic power to have made an ascendant in the history of mankind and the element of enigma is reflected in the portraits adorning the currency, and the thinkers suggest that we need to delve into this aspect as well when we analyse the element of enigma associated with Japan. Can same kind of conclusions be drawn through interpretations of odes to love?


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