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It is understandable; the fans of Sania Mirza going berserk after Sania Mirza announced to the world that she was going to marry ex-captain of Pakistan, Shoaib Malik. Incidence of violence has been reported in parts of Hyderabad and in Chennai against this decision. The exasperation and the anguish seems more to be directed by the fact that Sania has chosen Shoaib as her beau, and by providence he is a Pakistani.

But as they say, does the heart listen to the logic of the mind? If one were to place it in context, then IPL can be credited for blossoming of this relationship between these two players of different genre.

Shoaib Malik was a part of the Deccan Chargers team; till Pakistani players were banned from playing in the IPL and Sania was a regular fixture in the matches involving Deccan Chargers in Hyderabad. So the sparks must have flown between these two during the encounters and even an engagement with the childhood friend, that Sania had, could not have quelled the love that blossomed between the two of them.

Cricketers from Pakistan have had charmed life in India and they were involved with film stars or film fraternity in one-way or the other. Be it Mohsin Khan, or Imran Khan they have been rubbing shoulders with the Indian films fraternity for quite a long time. It is altogether a different matter, that only one affair got converted into marriage, as it happened between Reena Roy and Mohsin Khan, otherwise all other involvements were more in the form of flings.

Sania represents the emerging youth of the country, in particular a Muslim woman from Youngistan, and if she chose marry Shoaib Malik, it indeed gives a strong signal to the world that she belongs to a sporting fraternity, which lives by the maxim of competing in the field with maximum intensity. However, in true sportsman spirit, and as it happens with sports personalities around the world, they marrying across countries and streams, she is following in the same tradition.

Did a Steffi Graf not marry an Andre Agassi, both as incompatible, Steffi being a German while Agassi an American Jew, or for that matter Christ Evert, who had earlier married John Lloyd? There are scores of such instances from around the world.

Sania has chosen to marry a sportsperson, and she needs to be complemented for the choice, as she would expand the sports fraternity in a big way. Sports is the ultimate balm that can soothe frayed nerved, and the proposed marriage could be a step in this direction between two countries.

By: Suman Rai

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