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History of money: Money making is more imbibed than love affairs across generations

History of Money

History of Money

While the canons devoted to the cause of love aspire to reach a situation of utopia where the elements of class and creed do not exist, the elements denoting value of money symbolize the achievements that have been made in the life, and therefore the chronicles on this kind elicit response in larger proportions from the humanity. The basic reason behind this is the fact that people try to learn from these chronicles about the manner in which the money has been made in the past, and see to it whether it has practical applicability in the present.

Quest of civilizations focused on acquiring money and it’s resources: Love vs Money

Money is symbolic of quantified achievements while finding love is an aspiration, and being a thing to aspire for, writings associated with love are found more pronounced and more diversified, having element of romanticism associated with it. As money is defined in the absolute terms, it does not provide much leeway to build an element of romance around it, while love cannot be constricted within the fore walls of defined parameters; therefore it provides ample latitude for the writers to wax eloquent on it. It is altogether a different matter, that these panegyrics also have a cost associated with it. Behind most of the attempts to interpret love is the desire to make money out of it by going public on the issue. Were it not the case, why would an element of commercialism be associated with love songs, after all they are being sold in the market, and therefore to be in a situation of being in love in the modern times one has to spend money for it.

The power that is derived from controlling money has led to obsessive persuasions, and one of the persuasions of these kinds was the obsession with property ownership that came into vogue during the Anglo-Saxon era, and had its reverberations in the sub-prime crisis experienced in USA as well.  As a matter of fact this obsession led to creation of first financial bubble of this century. From the modern times, the fall of the investment banking as an entity would be one of the most discussed and bisected topics, arising out of the obsession of the individuals to control the flow and direction of money.

When one talks about money and seeks answers from the fellow individuals its tell tale symbols in the form of coins, notes, checks etc., are cited as example of money. But these are all physical manifestations of money, and do not tell us anything what money is all about. Some may also define money in terms of the security deposits, which are a security against the money, put into circulation. As a matter of fact, if the gold deposits have to be sold into the market it is symbolic about the fact that the country’s supply and demand of money is in a real bad shape, and there is an urgent need to introduce reforms in the market, else the situation of money may go out of hand.

By: Suman Rai

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