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The American Way

When I think of a cruiser bike, instantly the image of a Harley Davidson comes to my mind. On a hot summer day, I take immense pleasure as I grab a bottle of Coca Cola in my hand. Shopping is ... Read More »

The African Union

The African Union is an international organization consisting of 53 African States. The only African state not in the AU is Morocco. The AU was formed as a successor to the Organization of African Union (OAU).  The goal of the ... Read More »

The Oil Crisis

Sometimes complex truths become clearer when we put them in very simple terms. Around the world, political leaders are still living in the delusion that we have time on our hands to find sensible alternatives to oil. But global oil ... Read More »

Diplomatic Melodramas

The latest fuss about the Pakistani minister, Mr. Qureshi slamming the talks of the Indian minister in what must have been the millionth diplomatic meet of the two neighbours is very unsettling. It leaves us all wondering – how can ... Read More »

Cambodia Tourism

Cambodia is a beautiful south-east Asian country, which is one of the hottest tourist spots in the world. It has a sad, bloody history, after the demise of the powerful Khmer Empire in the late 15th century. It was plundered ... Read More »

Importance Of Newspapers

We live in a global world. Many boundaries have broken due to vast political, economic and social change. Nations of the world are more closely connected now than ever before. Increased interaction and communication between people of different nations has ... Read More »

Women Power Finally Unleashed In USA

It has been one of the apparent paradoxes that while USA has been one of the countries that gave birth to women empowerment women emancipation etc., participation of women in politics was none what so ever for quite a long ... Read More »

History Of Rock

The words bring the memory of electric guitars, a strong base and the famous genre of music that has lived and is still going strong since almost 6 decades. Rock is a very distinct genre – often involving a lead ... Read More »

Evolution of Banks – I

Banks, it is a belief evolved out of the religious temples of the ancient times, and their first appearance came into being around 3rd century B.C. Therefore banks came into vogue even before money came into circulation. As a matter ... Read More »

The Institution of Marriage

Marriage is a silken tie of love between 2 people usually not related by blood. It is the oldest way of getting a man & woman live together for life in a society and have the closest relations with each ... Read More »

Process of bank operations

What is the process through which system of banking operates? Banking is based on the basic maxim of trust.  We have this faith in the banks that when we need our money deposited in the bank, bank would pay the ... Read More »