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Save The Antarctic

It must be little more than one hundred years since humans first set foot on Antarctica and even today few people have visited the frozen and hostile southern continent. Although nine countries have territorial claims on the continent, several of them ... Read More »

Kerala – God’s Own Country

Whenever anyone thinks of paradise on earth, they usually stray northwards. But these days, due to increased terrorist activities, Kashmir doesn’t have its old charm anymore. One of the most beautiful places on earth today is most certainly Kerala. Its ... Read More »

India – A Place Of Great Interest

India has seen many eras blooming on her soil. Each era has left its indelible lifestyle, thinking, languages, tastes and the whole culture. From Harappas to Maurya, Guptas to Sultans and Mughals to the English, India saw a metamorphosis in ... Read More »

Mussoorie – The Queen Of Hills

Located in the Garwhal hills, this beautiful hill-station is one of the most popular of its kind in India. It is a “cool” favourite especially among people living in Delhi and Noida, as it is close enough to them for ... Read More »

Harihareshwar – Divine Presence Near The Sea

Long, never-ending, tiring and boring days look up ahead at work, as there are no holidays in the next 2-2.5  months at least. To take a break from the monotonous routine, one may consider this heaven on earth little beach. ... Read More »

Do you Avail Air Travel Insurance?

The recent Mangalore air-crash served as a wakeup call to arouse the widespread laidback attitude among the countrymen towards air travel insurance. For passengers frequently availing the facilities of air travel, air travel insurance is an issue that deserves paramount ... Read More »

The Jal Mahal – A Royal Heritage Reinstated

The Pink City in the ‘Land of Princes’ is now riding high on its latest achievement.  Adding another feather to its crown is the recently reinstated pristine heritage, the Jal Mahal. Situated amidst the Man Sagar Lake in the city ... Read More »

National Geographic also goes online

National Geographic was one of the magazines which had a readership that was the envy of the magazines around the world for the eclectic fan following that it has had across the generations. But it also seems to have either ... Read More »

Faith in the time of strife

At a time when everybody is searching for answers, a visit to one of the religious abodes that dot the landscape of the country could provide the soothing balm and revitalize the faith of humanity in each other. Vaishno Devi ... Read More »