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Ozone Depletion

Without our atmosphere there would be no life on the earth. A relatively thin envelope, the atmosphere consists of layers of gases that support life and provide protection from harmful radiation. Ozone is the part of the stratosphere in which ... Read More »

Anger Management

They move around as if the entire world’s burden rests on their tired shoulders. Their acidic remarks and sarcasm scorch the toughest nut and freeze the coolest dude. They hate everything and everyone. They are constantly grumpy, tired and busy. ... Read More »

Malnutrition – The Silent Killer

Deaths of many children on the account of severe malnutrition in the interior pockets of our country in the recent times has once again reminded us as to where we have gone wrong in laying priorities. Nobody can accept an ... Read More »

Insomnia – More Dangerous Than Cancer

“A good night’s sleep” is probably one of the most underrated phrases in the world. The root cause of almost all health problems is lack of good sleep. Sleep is a bodily function that is not only related to our ... Read More »

Eating Disorders

Eating disorder is a form of disease that affects a large number of people. There are many different categories of eating disorders in our world today and many people suffer from them. Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder that is ... Read More »

All That You Need To Know About Blood Donation

It goes without saying that blood donation is a life-saving process. For those who truly understand the value of life, it paves way for rendering selfless service to mankind.  It is an overwhelming feeling to see an ever-multiplying number of ... Read More »

Inner Beauty Of Women

There is no doubt that women and beauty are timeless. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, that to each of us allure has a different definition, yet how do we define attraction? Symmetry, a healthy glow to the ... Read More »

The Secret of Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy, the science of innervating the body senses in a holistic manner, through the antiseptic and antiviral properties of the essential oils, is as ancient as the mankind. It has been in vogue since times immemorial and continues to hold ... Read More »

Towards a heavier tomorrow

While Bollywood sets the trend for size zero figure and six pack abs, the country is following the extreme opposite path where the current National Family Health Survey indicates that more than 20 percent of urban Indians are overweight or ... Read More »

Obesity – Causes, Effects and Cures

Obesity is defined as a condition which causes a person to be 20% greater than the normal level in body weight due to the accumulation of fat under the adipose tissue.  It is a serious disorder that could lead to ... Read More »


The correct definition of meditation is to think constantly of something. You become that on when you meditate. Think of god, you become god. Think of stone, you become stone. Meditation is a form of religious or spiritual contemplation and ... Read More »

Alternative Therapies

What we call alternative therapies was very common in the post among the different races and communities. The term alternative medicine covers a broad range of healing methodologies, philosophies and therapies. Alternative therapies used alone are often referred to as ... Read More »

Night-shift workers should avoid coffee

Night-shift workers should avoid drinking coffee if they wish to improve their sleep, according to new research . Night-shift workers should avoid coffee. A study led by Julie Carrier, a University of Montreal psychology professor has found the main byproduct ... Read More »