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Dev Anand – Romantic Face Of Hindi Cinema

Whenever the history of Hindi cinema would be written Dev Anand’s name would emerge as the shinning beacon in the list. He is the personality that has always advocated about the issues concerning the youth of the country and has ... Read More »

Football World Cup And Hindi Cinema

As the curtain on the Football World Cup has been raised, and there would be frenzy in all forms of media to cover it, the occasion provides an opportunity to interpret it in a different manner. The different manner could ... Read More »

Foreign Actresses Ruling The Roost In Bollywood

Bollywood, regarded world over as the largest film fraternity on the face of this earth is truly empowering globalization with its philanthropic ways! Catering to the entertainment of its masses across the globe, the world’s largest film industry has now ... Read More »

Sunil Dutt: Actor With Human Touch

25 May was the death anniversary of Sunil Dutt, but neither at the national level or in the state of Punjab tributes were paid to his memory, a man who in his own way soothed the frayed nerves of the ... Read More »

Tongas in the World of Hindi Cinema

As the Commonwealth Games are approaching, in its frenzy to provide an international look for city of Delhi, Delhi government is taking one step or the other that may affect the livelihood of poor people and may also is a ... Read More »

Houseful: Language as a metaphor to draw humor

Language and its manifestations have been used from the time immemorial by the world of Hindi cinema and even by cinema makers all over the world to create humorous situations in a film. The manner in which content is crafted ... Read More »

Magic of Night

It can only be done by Gulzar, and as far as the introduction of new idioms and conventions into the language of love is concerned no one can come near him. He again showed it with such a finesse in ... Read More »