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Common Man – Not So Common

Bottom Of The Pyramid

No one gave a more apt comment on the common man than the Late Abraham Lincoln, former President of the United States of America- “God must love the common man, He has made so many of them”. Well, if we ... Read More »

Aamir Khan In The New Motorcycle AD

It seems that somebody up there has read what this columnist had written about the indulgence of parents in rewarding their children with motorcycles and scooters and then lamenting when they meet with an accident, primarily because the child is ... Read More »

Munni The New Brand Ambassador Of Zandu Balm

Finally better sense prevailed on the manufacturers of Zandu Balm, Elder Pharmaceuticals who decided to rope in Malaika Arora Khan as the brand ambassador to promote Zandu Balm. What better endorsement could they have wanted but for a luscious Malaika ... Read More »

Advertising Industry

Advertising Industry is a rapidly growing industry. The advertising industry besides functioning as an intermediate between the manufacturers and the customers plays an important role in the economy of the country. Movies, Internet, Print Media, broadcasting constitute 0.99% in approximately ... Read More »

The Power Of Six Sigma

Manufacturing companies in America were facing heavy competition from the Japanese in the late 70s and 80s. Though their products were good, their costs were high due to high operational costs. This means that the spent too much of money ... Read More »

Tribal Marketing – A New Approach

Since the dawn of civilisation, man has always been characterised by his need for social belonging to a particular group. Earlier, groups used to be formed based on the proximity of humans to each other. Later, groups were formed based ... Read More »

To Woo A Venture Capitalist

The most difficult part of setting up a business is getting the right amount of funding, from the right people. Most of the time, even though the ideas are excellent, entrepreneurs often find it difficult to convince VCs. One reason ... Read More »

3PL In India – It’s Happening

“Go to the supermarket and buy all these items. And for the baby, don’t bring anything other than XXX Baby food” – instructs a typical Indian wife to her husband before sending him out for grocery shopping. But what if ... Read More »

History of Money

One of the key components of modern banking is the introduction of paper money, which emerged in Europe in 17th century, and Sweden was again the first country where it made its debut. Paris followed Sweden in issuing paper currency ... Read More »

Guardian Angels

The latest buzzword in the field of finance is angel investments. Angels are investors, who usually provide financing to start-ups. They also help start-ups fill up other gaps in their businesses. They help them by introducing them to possible partners ... Read More »

Services provided by the Banks

Banks provide host of services to ease the process of conducting of your day-to-day financial affairs and as a charge for this facilitation banks levy a service fee on you. It could be for the check book that has been ... Read More »

Evolution of Banking Operations

The business of banking evolved to provide services for business operations. They now provide all kind of services and make money by providing these services. The basic business of banks is to make money. It is their product that they ... Read More »